Injection moulding of plastic products

In the initial phase, the company was exclusively engaged in the production of tools and only used plastic injection moulding machines for the testing of manufactured tools and their optimisation.

However, the increasing market demand for the serial production of injection moulded products has led the company to also focus on the plastic injection moulding industry.

With the purchase of several modern plastic injection moulding machines, the company Orodja Prebil, d.o.o. was able to offer, in addition to the manufacture of tools, the serial manufacture of products from various polymers. Our production process operates according to the instructions of the IATF16949 standard, which we obtained in 2015.

We offer injection moulding of plastic products from all types of polymers on machines with a closing force of up to 500 tonnes.

We also offer our customers a comprehensive service:
  • development of the end product,
  • development and manufacture of tools,
  • manufacture of plastic products in small batches,
  • manufacture of “zero batches”,
  • preparation of PPAP documents for the automotive industry.

Our development department will be able to develop and optimise your product, develop tools, and prepare the accompanying documents for product handover. The company also has a quality department, with a measurement laboratory and all necessary associated equipment for the preparation of complete measurement reports. The machines in the plastics manufacturing department are equipped with robots for the manipulation of finished products, tempering, drying, and painting granulate. During the production process, the control and monitoring of the statistics of manufacturing parameters is also carried out.

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