Maintenance of plastic injection moulding tools

Here at Orodja Prebil d.o.o., we carry out the following maintenance processes, alterations, and optimisations of tools:

  • repairing older tools from your manufacturing process,
  • altering tools that have been made by other tool shops in the European market and in other markets, upon a prior inspection of the tool and of its technical documents,
  • optimising tools to facilitate the product manufacturing process and reduce waste,
  • preparing measuring reports for your products and built-in elements using a 3D-coordinate machine,
  • implementing all types of repair welding. In the company, we also have our own laser welding machine which allows us to manufacture the required surface structures (N1 and N2 polishing – high gloss, cooperative production of etched structures and laser engravings), as well as to make use of the possibilities for the required technical treatments.

In the Plastics department, records are kept of all tools, as well as of any preventive, regular, and extraordinary maintenance. This helps our customers in the field of plastic products with the entire logistics process when products change or tools malfunction or get damaged.

Orodja Prebil d.o.o.

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