Our company provides comprehensive engineering at all stages of the product development and tool manufacturing process: preliminary consultation on the appearance and functionality of the product, development, studies related to the feasibility, construction, and any changes before the manufacturing of the tool, the possibility of injection moulding simulation, first tests on the manufactured tool, optimisation of the injection moulding process for your tool, or even the “zero batch” pre-manufacturing run.

We offer a comprehensive solution, from the idea to the maintenance of tools during production use.

Development of tools for plastic injection moulding

Together with our team from the development department, we offer you a comprehensive solution, from the idea, prototypes, tool manufacturing and testing, to the maintenance of tools during use.

We use SolidWorks, Catia and MasterCam programme packages for 3D construction.

We offer you a comprehensive service, from idea to the finished product:
  • consulting in the development of tools for the required product,
  • manufacturing of prototype tools,
  • manufacturing of complex or simple serial tools,
  • ensuring constant product quality according to ISO standards,
  • development of the plastic end product.

We can help you construct your plastic product in order to ensure its optimum functionality according to the desired requirements. This helps you save on costs for the manufacturing of tools and their subsequent maintenance, and also decreases the price of the end plastic product.


We offer our customers a comprehensive service:
  • development of the end product, from the idea to the manufacturing process,
  • development and manufacture of tools according to the size and batch of the product,
  • manufacture of plastic products in small batches,
  • manufacture of “zero batches”,
  • preparation of PPAP documents pursuant to the ISO IATF standard,
  • preparation of measurement protocols using a 3D coordinate measurement system and a surface quality meter.

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